Transfer to the Ostia Antica from Rome and Back

The archaeological site of Ostia Antica Ruins is located at a distance of 26.7 km (16.6 miles) from the center of Rome. Travel time by car, taking into account traffic is about 45 minutes.

Route map by car to Ostia Antica from Rome

You can order a transfer to the Ostia Antica Ruins using the form below or write to the email thread if you have already ordered a transfer from the airport.

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    FAQ about visiting the Ruins of Ostia Antica
    How long does it take for a private transfer to Ostia Antica from Rome?
    The duration of the transfer from Rome to Ostia depends on traffic and is usually between 40 and 50 minutes. All our drivers have special licenses to use special public transport lanes, which speeds up the journey.
    Is it easy to get to Ostia Antica from Rome by public transport?
    Traveling by public transport to Ostia from Rome and back can be a real adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime. You should consider possible strikes, as well as the traditional chaos that is typical for Rome and Italy in general.
    How long does it take to see all the ruins of Ostia Antica?
    We recommend scheduling 2,5 to 3 hours to see all the ruins at Ostia Antica.
    What is the best time of the day to visit the ruins of Ostia Antica?
    We recommend visiting the ruins of Ostia Antica in the morning, right after breakfast. Ideal schedule:

    • 8:00 am pick-up from the hotel in Rome.

    • 8:45 am arrival in Ostia.

    • 12:00 am pick-up from Ostia.

    • 12:30 am Arrival in Rome for lunch. When booking, please provide the address of the restaurant or ask the manager for advice.

    • 1:30 pm rest at the hotel or go sightseeing in Rome.

    In any case, the schedule can be adjusted according to your wishes.
    What are the opening hours at the ruins of Ostia Antica?
    The ruins of Ostia Antica open daily from 8:30 am. Closing time depends on the time of year and sunset.
    Do I need to buy tickets in advance for the ruins of Ostia Antica?
    There is no need to pre-purchase tickets to the ruins of Ostia Antica. It is also useful to know that a ticket at the box office costs 2 euros cheaper than online.
    How much is the ticket to visit the ruins of Ostia Antica?
    Adults: € 14. Reduced: € 4 (EU citizens between 18 and 25).

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